Nine reasons to support ZANE

1: ZANE does not supply money or food in bulk. Rather ZANE is a “relational” charity, in that we gently means test the 1,800 elderly people to whom we give aid. At the same time, we give encouragement to often very lonely people. That includes about 600 ex-servicemen and their widows/wives. In this way, ZANE ensures that only those who are really in need of support receive it and that we don’t waste donor money.

2: ZANE is the only charity that provides an holistic social services network across Zimbabwe.

3: ZANE has lost no donor money to corrupt officials since its foundation in 2002. Support goes to where it's needed to make a vital difference.

4: ZANE is the only charity that allows donors to choose which aspect of the work they would like to support (see donation page)

5: ZANE is the only charity operating in Zimbabwe that supplies aid to all communities.

6: ZANE is the largest supplier of financial grants to the pensioner community in Zimbabwe.

7: ZANE is in effective partnership with all the UK services’ charities in Zimbabwe. Since 2004, ZANE has facilitated about £1.8m in grants to WW2 veterans and their widows (and others).

8: ZANE runs a micro finance initiative to encourage start up businesses in the impoverished communities around Harare.

9: ZANE - along with partners - has funded a Club Foot correction programme, and consequently the lives of some 400 children have been transformed in the last year with five centres of remedial treatment established in Zimbabwe. We hope that another 400 children will be helped in the next year.

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