Nine reasons to support ZANE

1. ZANE builds a personal relationship with every one of the 2,600 elderly, often very lonely, people to whom we give aid, support and encouragement. Only those really in need of assistance receive it.

2. ZANE provides the only social services network in Zimbabwe. Where help for the poverty-stricken is needed, ZANE staff draw support from a range of sources, including family members in Zimbabwe and overseas.

3. Donors are able to choose which aspect of ZANE’s mission they plan to support.

4. Recently ZANE was the Telegraph Group Overseas Charity of the year.

5. ZANE is in effective partnership with all the UK Services' charities, supporting over 600 ex-service men and women and their widows. These veterans served the Crown in WW2, Korea, Malaya and Aden.

6. ZANE runs training initiatives and supplies seed-funding to enable self-help businesses and food production in impoverished communities in Zimbabwe.

7. ZANE funded the first clubfoot correction programme in Zimbabwe. Eleven treatment centres have been established and over 2,110 children have received treatment to date.

8. ZANE receives no aid from the government and relies wholly on support from private donors.

9. An independent consultancy reviewed ZANE and the report stated:

“The charity thrives on its responsiveness, flexibility and lack of bureaucracy. Operationally ZANE is frugal, focused and effective in delivering aid to the needy.”

If you want to save a life then please support ZANE


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