Crossword 2024 Answers

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1 Long, loose robe of Middle Eastern origin (6) Kaftan

4 Zimbabwe’s second largest city (8) Bulawayo

9 Musical term indicating a temporary fluctuation in tempo (6) Rubato

10 New York City nickname (3,5) Big Apple

11 Arctic cetacean, usually white in colour (6) Beluga

12 Mountain state in western USA (8) Colorado

13 One of the twelve sons of Jacob, mother Zilpah (3) Gad

14 Capital of Albania (6) Tirana

17 Characteristic of a particular type of poem expressing sorrow (7) Elegiac

21 Parallelograms with four equal sides (6) Rhombi

25 Snoop (3) Pry

26 Breed of dairy cow known as the “Royal Breed” due to the golden colour of the milk (8) Guernsey

27 Country forming the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula (6) Sweden

28 Region in France known for its cider, among other things (8) Normandy

29 — Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday (6) Shrove

30 1967 choral liturgical composition by Samuel Barber (5,3) Agnus Dei

31 Zimbabwe’s largest national park (6) Hwange



1 Island nation in Micronesia, site of the WWII Battle of Tarawa (8) Kiribati

2 Concerning the outer of the two bones between the knee and the ankle (7) Fibular

3 Greek tragedy by Sophocles, one of the Theban plays (8) Antigone

5 One-legged support (as for a camera) (6) Unipod

6 Multinational company founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 (6) Amazon

7 Mixture of bitumen and aggregates used for surfacing roads (7) Asphalt

8 King of the fairies in medieval literature (6) Oberon

12 Largest city in Canada’s province of Alberta (7) Calgary

15 White vestment worn by priests in some Christian denominations (3) Alb

16 To make a harsh or discordant sound (3) Jar

18 Ancient Chinese breed of dog (4,4) Chow Chow

19 — Waltz, a rotary ballroom dance (8) Viennese

20 Pattern that gives its name to the Zimbabwean national cricket team (7) Chevron

22 — Manhattan, part of New York City that is home to iconic attractions like the Empire State Building and Times Square (7) Midtown

23 East African country that features the national bird, the grey crowned crane, on its flag (6) Uganda

24 Relatives by marriage (2-4) In-laws

25 To hawk (6) Peddle

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