What ZANE Donors Do for Zimbabwe Pensioners

There are some 6000 old aged pensioners in Zimbabwe. Many are starving.

Their position is desperate and grows worse daily. Some are in receipt of devalued pensions from the Zimbabwe government. However, the hyper-inflation that occurred before the dollarisation of the currency in 2009 means that that these pensions are practically worthless.

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The targeted elderly people are those on local pensions, or in some cases, without pensions at all. They will have lived in Zimbabwe most or all of their lives and may well have been part of the war effort in World War ll. Their pensions and savings will have diminished to such an extent that they can no longer afford to live and many receive no (or very little) assistance from their relatives. Some in fact have been abandoned by relatives who have now moved country and have no more to do with them whatsoever.

Read sample thank you letters from some of the pensioners who have been helped by ZANE donors like yourself.

ZANE is in effective partnership with all the UK services’ charities in Zimbabwe.

There are many Zimbabwe pensioners in these categories in struggling retirement homes.Because of the legacy of hyper-inflation the management personnel of the homes are facing an endless series of crises and many of them are now near to breaking point. They are unable to buy essential items such as bread, meat, eggs or milk and neither can they carry out essential repairs on their homes. Further, they cannot regularly buy petrol, diesel, lavatory paper, shampoo, soap, toothpaste or cleaning materials. ZANE is working with the homes to keep them open for the sake of the Zimbabwe pensioners.

Although it is a very sobering experience to visit these places, these visits are also uplifting due to the home staff’s spirit of determination in dire circumstances. The Zimbabwe pensioners themselves are proud and reluctant to talk of their problems.

Please donate to the ZANE Pensioners Appeal by clicking here now.

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