Nine reasons to support ZANE

  1. ZANE provides aid, comfort and support to 2,100 impoverished pensioners with nowhere else to turn. Only those genuinely in need of assistance receive it.
  2. Donors can choose which area of ZANE’s work they wish to support.
  3. ZANE was the Telegraph Group Overseas Charity of the year.
  4. ZANE is looking after around 500 aged and frail veterans and their widows. These people fought for the Crown in WW2, Malaya, Korea and Aden. Without ZANE, they would be living with insufficient food and no healthcare.
  5. ZANE runs education programmes in a high-density area assisting women and children living in extreme poverty.
  6. ZANE funded the first clubfoot correction programme in Zimbabwe. Fifteen treatment centres have been established and over 5,400 children have received treatment to date.
  7. ZANE funds a unique medical programme, providing basic medication to pensioners (including war veterans and their widows) for the treatment of conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and prostate issues.
  8. ZANE’s funds are subject to rigorous audit and ZANE is proud that since its foundation it has never lost money to collapsed banks, middlemen or corruption.
  9. An independent consultancy reviewed ZANE and the report stated:

“The charity thrives on its responsiveness, flexibility and lack of bureaucracy. Operationally ZANE is frugal, focused and effective in delivering aid to the needy.”

If you want to save a life then please support ZANE

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