ZANE pop-up Classrooms

ZANE is funding six pop-up classrooms in a high density suburb of Zimbabwe. This project is led by teaching mentors who live in the local community. ZANE has been working alongside these women for a number of years through its creative therapy project, building their skills and confidence. All were victims of political violence and abuse; many are HIV positive. Each attends a weekly teacher training workshop.

Twelve children attend each pop-up classroom, ranging in age from 6-12. These children have been carefully selected based on need. The children have not previously attended school and would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn. They are very poor, often without sufficient to eat. However, they are all desperate to learn and never fail to turn up for class.

The teachers are encouraged to use as many resources as possible from their surroundings; they have been incredibly creative and proactive. When learning the letter K, the teachers made kites with the children using sticks and plastic bags. Much fun was had.

The children are taught basic numeracy and literacy, learning through stories, song and dance. The children are also taught farming techniques enabling them to grow food for their families.

The children receive a nutritional food supplement and fruit during the lesson. ZANE is sourcing funding to introduce a cooked meal soon.

There is focus on play/fun time/exercise to help keep the children’s attention during lessons. The teaching mentors are trained on building each child’s confidence, helping them to feel loved.

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